Collective Piece, 2.2m x 1m on wood panel
Geneva, 2016
CUT&PASTE is a collective project co-created with Yan Su, who took place in 2016 in a neighbourhood of Geneva called Les Libellules, Vernier. The workshop is based on a practice considered accessible and easy to all - collage, traduced in two simple gestures - cut and paste. The aim is proposing people meet each other around collage, making emerging discussions, storytelling and share a collective experience in a convivial atmosphere. Around fifteen workshop sessions have been organised in Vernier, at la Haute Ecole dʼArt et de Design de Genève, at the Vélodrome and in the Maisons de quartier of les Pâquis and la Jonction. Before starting CUT&PASTE, Laura Rivanera and Yan Su met in 2016 at the Haute Ecole dʼArt et de Design de Genève in the Master TRANS - Art, éducation, engagement.
© Greg Clément / Nagi Gianni